ENTR 390.012

Digital Product Design Studio

This is a studio course that teaches students how to design products for digital platforms - it’s intended to prepare students who want to work as professional product designers.
When: Mondays, 4-6pm
Where: G115 Angell Hall
Credits: 2
The course will be hands-on in a small classroom setting. Because this is a studio course, most of the class time will be spent on discussion, critique, and independent work on students’ own projects. No prior product design experience is necessary, but experience and familiarity with making things is a plus.

You will learn to:
- Discover and frame new opportunities for digital products based on human insights/customer needs
- Design your own products by creating wireframes, interactions, and visual designs
- Validate you solutions with prototypes and user testing
- Use typography, color, shape, space — and industry-standard tools — to build designs that are functional, usable, and delightful
- Solicit constructive feedback, critique design work, and substantiate criticisms