ENTR 390.012 • FALL 2016

Digital Product Design

Mondays, 4-5pm
170 Weiser Hall (Central Campus)

Course Description

This interdisciplinary course is an introduction to the fundamentals of designing products for digital platforms, taught by actual designers at a startup.

You'll learn how to

  • Use design thinking to discover problems worth solving, generate and prototype solutions, and test them with real users
  • Design your own products by creating wireframes, interactions, and visual designs
  • Use typography, color, shape, space--and industry-standard tools like Sketch, Invision, etc--to build designs that are attractive, simple, and work well
  • Solicit constructive feedback, critique design work and substantiate your criticism
  • Discuss topics in the design world, including usability, user experience design, user interface design, and design research

This course was created by UM students and will be taught by practicing designers working at FarmLogs.

Take this course if you want to learn how to make awesome stuff 🔥 💯

Intended Audience

This is an introductory course for students studying engineering, art and design, and liberal arts--or anyone interested in making effective digital products.


Weekly lectures with optional work sessions where students can hang out and work with instructors, classmates, and others in the Ann Arbor design community. Weekly small design assignments with a final product project at the end of the semester.

About Us

Sam Pierce Lolla

As the first employee and Director of Product Design at FarmLogs, Sam has been building the product--and design team--that helps run and optimize many of America's farms. Whether he's at FarmLogs or working on one of his other projects, he's obsessed with designing simple, powerful tools that help people think and learn.

Kelsey Trabue

Kelsey is a Michigan native, living in Ann Arbor. She is currently a designer at FarmLogs and has a deep passion for working with tech startups and entrepreneurs. She has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Spanish from Wingate University and a Master's in Interactive Media from Elon University. Kelsey loves making complex information digestible and easier to understand.

Carson Covell

Carson studies Computer Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. He spent the last summer in Atlanta, GA, working a user experience developer for MailChimp. Previously he interned as a front-end developer at FarmLogs and got to know the wonderful Kelsey Trabue and Sam Pierce Lolla. Carson is interested in combining design and development to build exceptional digital product experiences.

Muhammad Mazhari

Muhammad is a student at UMich studying Econ & CS. He spent his past summer designing at Quora and the summer before that designing for a cybersecurity company called Forcepoint (formerly Websense). He likes pixels, game theory, and rap. Follow him on twitter for some 🔥 tweets.


For more information, you can email us and keep up with relevant discussions/announcements for the course.